of Innocence Stolen

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     You have arrived at a Website designed for kids who have been traumatized by abuse. If you are such an individual, understand what has happened to you is not, in any way, your fault. Regardless of the type of abuse you have suffered, it is “never ever your fault.”  You are a survivor.  Find here a new and refreshing approach to help you with self-esteem and accountability issues using colorful art and no nonsense witticism customized to speak to you through your modern-day concepts. I understand too; I am a survivor like you.  Rose Grier

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Some Statistics:

·       80% of sexual assault victims know their attacker. They are people we know, love or trust. 1 in 7 know their attackers’ name.

·       In the United States, 1 out of 5 boys up to their college years will be a victim of sexual assault.

·       In the United States, 1 out of 3 girls up to their college years will be a victim of sexual assault.

·        1 out of every 4 teens will experience dating violence.

·       The average age for a victim is 16-24.

·       The average age for an offender is 15-24.

 THIS IS YOU!! These statistics relate to you in the here and NOW!

Child Abuse definition:

The non-accidental treatment of a child under the age of 18 that results in physical, emotional and/or developmental harm.


Physical abuse: severe beatings, burning, choking, suffocating, and human bites, just to name a few.

Physical neglect: failure to adequately provide the essentials of life, which are food, clothing, shelter, care and supervision.

Sexual abuse: The use of a child for the gratification of another being by touching sexually, intercourse, incest, sexual battery, showing your privates, secretly watching, or the use of child pornography.

 Emotional maltreatment: Emotional neglect. Failure to provide the love, care, support and guidance that are necessary for healthy psychological development.

Verbal abuse: excessive teasing, belittling, rejection or verbal attacks.

      The scars of abuse manifest themselves in many different ways. Poor grades, peer problems, antisocial behavior, physical illness, physical fears, anxiety, suicide… This is serious stuff.
      Awareness, education, instinct and common sense are big preventative measures.
      These upsetting behaviors strengthen when coupled with life events that occur such as
Family crisis:

Divorce and remarriage
Death in the family
     Poverty and hunger

Abuse knows no boundary. It does not care about:

Social status
Problems you are having
How happy you are
Where you live

Rape is a crime of violence.

Rape is a crime of violence. It is not a sexually motivated crime. “Oh baby. You look so good I have to do this…” NO! The roots of rape are firmly embedded in the dirt of power and control. Different dynamics arise for each individual situation.

This formula charts a progression through loss to wellness.
Any loss can trigger these emotions:

·        DENIAL   “I can’t believe this happened”.

·        ANGER    “I’m so mad this happened”.

·        BARGAINING    “Maybe if I had done X, then Y wouldn’t have happened”.

·        DEPRESSION     “I am so down. I don’t want to live…”

·        ACCEPTANCE    “O.K. this happened and now I must move on in my life”.

·        HELPING OTHERS     “Now I can talk about my trauma/experience and perhaps discuss it with others who have gone through (going through) the same thing”.

You will waver in your decision about which emotion to settle in, but the process will prevail.

There is HELP out here for you.

      Rape victims may experience many emotions such as denial, grief, anger, depression fear, loneliness, and guilt

20% of rape victims become suicidal.


Rape is NEVER your fault!

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